If you had a brick and mortar office with a handful of employees, you would have a secretary. That person would often be the first face someone would encounter walking into your business, they would answer questions and point them in the right direction. In the virtual space so many of us work in today, we don’t have secretaries sitting at desks, but that does’t mean you don’t need someone to greet people, answer their questions, and point them in the right direction.

If you’re like most solo workers, that ends up being you. But it doesn’t have to be. We can help!

Are you an author? Speaker? Blogger? Entrepreneur launching an idea? Pastor planting a church? If so, chances are you spend a great deal of time on things like email, scheduling interviews, and booking travel rather than on the ministry you feel called to. While those sometimes tedious tasks are necessary, you don’t have to do it all.

We can help relieve the burden of the dirty work that wears you out so you have the time and energy to invest into the work you’ve been called to do and are passionate about.

We can welcome people to your work, answer some initial questions, and get them pointed in the right direction.

Our Executive Assistant clients are all over the board in terms of what they do as a job, but our goal with all of them is simple: facilitate an environment which allows you to focus on your sweet spot. No more missed meetings or drowning in a sea of emails.

Let us give you permission to say “no” to the things you aren’t wired to do.


These are just some of the tasks we can help with:

Booking Travel,
Calendar Management,
Email Management,
Social Media Management,
And more

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