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Whitney English

    How We're Helping Her Win

    Whitney English started her first company at age 23, with only $1500 of babysitting money. Less than four years later, it was grossing over seven figures. After a good ten year ride, and a humbling plummet to rock bottom, she took a good hard look at what really mattered, and set out to start again–in whatever capacity that looked like. She duplicated her first success by bootstrapping another company and taking it to seven figures within two years. She’s generated over $14M in revenue during her career as an entrepreneur, has had hundred-thousand dollar launch days, and has products in Target. She’s the founder and creator of Day Designer, a strategic daily planner and agenda. Whitney also coaches other entrepreneurs through consulting services and an online course called Biz Designers.

    DirtyWork joined Whitney’s team to take on the responsibilities of an Executive Assistant and bridge the gap between her two companies. Those responsibilities included daily inbox monitoring and response, calendar management, and more. Having joined Whitney in a season of growth, our responsibilities expanded to include: identifying individuals to fill key roles on a growing team, helping to develop an on-boarding process for new clients, helping to brainstorm growth plans/implementation, and much more.

    Whitney feels like other clients have felt – that we’re her personal Mary Poppins.




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