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Andy Davis


    Andy Davis, Musician.

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    We worked with Andy to create systems and processes for helping his business as a musician run smoothly. On a day to day basis we also helped to keep Andy’s calendar in order, managed details of show bookings, helped with invoicing, and made sure all of the moving parts stayed in motion.

    Katie has the gift of being able to create order out of chaos, and that’s exactly what she’s done for me and my business. I was stressed and overwhelmed at the balancing act of being a creative person running my own business, and Katie was able to step in and immediately see ways to improve, organize, and simplify the way I was spending my time. She was able to quickly identify the areas I needed help with the most, prioritize a plan of action to “fix things,” and then help set up an infrastructure that would make things run more smoothly on a daily basis. She also had the willingness and patience to walk me through the topics that freaked me out (taxes and accounting, for example) in a way that made them less intimidating, thus removing a great deal of stress from my life. This helped create relief on the logistical side of my life and business, allowed me to spend more time working on the things I really love, and gave me the freedom to move forward with a renewed sense of focus and clarity. She rocks.

    Andy Davis


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