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Tool Tuesdays – Smartr Contacts

When people tweet screenshots from their iPhones I have a habit of looking at what apps they’re using & checking them out. I’ve found some great new apps this way but my most recent discovery might just be my favorite.

Nathan Davis (@mediapeople) instagrammed a screenshot from his iPhone with a few apps on it. Smartr contacts was the one that caught my eye. I went to the app store, downloaded it, & immediately fell in love with it.

The Smartr Contacts app from Xobni is everything a smart phone address book in 2012 should be. It aggregates information from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail accounts, Yahoo Accounts, & Outlook accounts. Anyone you’ve ever contacted through these avenues can be searched in the app. Not only that, it pulls information from email signatures & creates a contact card of sorts from it.

So, say that I emailed someone at a company for a client. 3 months later I need to get in touch with that person again, but this time I want to call them. I open up Smartr, search for their name, & immediately I get a screen that gives me not only an email address, a main number, & a fax number which Smartr pulled from the individual’s email signature. I just saved myself at least 5 minutes of searching for an email, finding a number, writing it down, typing it into my phone, etc.

Smartr Contacts is clean, fast, simple, & it works. And, it’s FREE!! Check it out for yourself here. (They also have Android, Blackberry, & Desktop versions available.)

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