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Rachel Held Evans


    Rachel Held Evans; author, speaker, and blogger

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    Personal Assistant to Rachel Held Evans

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    As an assistant to Rachel, we coordinate the details of all of her speaking engagements. This includes booking of all travel, ensuring payments are received, communicating with event hosts, and more. We also help to manage incoming interview requests on Rachel\’s calendar in additional to miscellaneous administrative tasks.

    I called DirtyWork after I realized I\’d gone from being a creative who sometimes did office work to an office manager who sometimes did creative work. Something had to change. DirtyWork swept in and helped me get back to doing what I love. From travel, to scheduling, to email, to formatting, every detail is handled with alacrity and care. Best of all, when the unexpected arises, I never have to wonder if DirtyWork will be up for the task, for in addition to boasting outstanding professionalism, DirtyWork is flexible, creative, and can quickly adapt to change. It\’s nice to know that when DirtyWork represents me, a positive impression will be made on the people with whom I work. I recommend DirtyWork to anyone who gets overwhelmed by details or who just needs a partner in making something big happen.

    Rachel Held Evans

    Author, Speaker, Blogger

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