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Dottie Beasley Photography

    How We're Helping Them Win

    Dottie is an East Coast born transplant to the greater Nashville area. She took the leap from a 9-5 corporate job to full-time photographer a couple of years ago. And, like most creatives, discovered that the administrative side of being an entrepreneur made her head hurt. Dottie takes beautifully simple photos of adorable children and their families. But things like a regular pricing structure, getting a business license, getting accounting details in place, and more took a backseat to photo shooting and editing.

    So Dottie called us. We got to work with her to jumpstart her photo business administratively. We helped Dottie restructure her pricing to increase her profit margin, provided insight on tracking accounting details, and walked through business license requirements. Sometimes we all need someone to help us with a little of research and hold our hand as we wade through confusing information, right?




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