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Tool Tip – AirDropper

We are huge fans of Dropbox here at DirtyWork and use with with several of our clients to keep central files that anyone can access – anywhere, anytime.

There are several tools that integrate with Dropbox in a variety of ways. But, one of my favorites is AirDropper. It’ll cost you $9.00/month but if you need to receive large files on a regular basis, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!! No more downloading files from file sending services or FTP sites.

AirDropper allows you to create a folder in your Dropbox where files will be uploaded. With a link & a unique passcode for the folder, only the files you want to end up there will end up there. You share the link & the passcode with the sender who then uploads the file. The great news is, the uploading process doesn’t take the sender any extra time either!! All of the processing time happens on AirDropper’s end. When you need the file, open your Dropbox folder & there it is.

We use AirDropper to have sponsors for the STORY conference deliver ad files, logo files, video files, & more. It’s been an incredible time & headache saving tool.

Have you used AirDropper or a similar tool?


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