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Tools Tuesdays – Fantastical

Oftentimes it’s my clients that are asking me for suggestions on the latest apps available designed to make their lives just a little bit easier. But sometimes the tables are turned. That was the case recently when one of my clients told me about Fantastical.

If you’re an iCal user you will love Fantastical! It’s a small desktop app that stays running in your toolbar. When you need to add something to your calendar click the little calendar icon & enter the information in plain English. Fantastical translates it to calendar speak & adds it for you.

Example: I need to schedule a meeting with Bill at 10am on March 23rd at Starbucks. Instead of going through all of the steps in iCal to enter the information I click the Fantastical icon & enter that very information: Meeting with Bill at 10am on March 23rd at Starbucks. And I’m done.

Fantastical is a time saver & makes life just a little bit simpler. I think it’s well worth it’s $19.99 pricetag.

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