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Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Some people hear inner voices, & live by what they hear.
Such people become crazy…or become legend. – Jim Harrison

I’ve tried to ignore those inner voices. The ones that start out as a whisper of an idea. A passing thought. But they return. Louder. And soon they’re nagging me…shouting. At this point I have a choice – continue ignoring them or listen up & live by what they’re trying to say.

I’d like to say I always choose to listen. I don’t. But when I do, it’s worth it.

I can’t promise it’s always going to work out as I planned. But legends aren’t always the ones who succeeded. Sometimes they’re the ones who had the courage to try. To fail. And to stand up again & keep living. 

What are the voices in your head trying to tell you today? Will you listen? 


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