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Fight against something, you focus on the thing you hate. Fight for something, you focus on the thing you love. – Simon Sinek

It’s a subtle difference – fighting against vs. fighting for – but it makes a more than subtle impact on how you do what you do & the results of your efforts.

It’s not about your idea or your dream it’s about the perspective you take in executing it. What is your motivation? Are you fighting FOR the children who are hurting because they don’t have fathers in their lives? Or are you fighting AGAINST the system that is failing them…and their fathers?

I would argue that if you’re driven by a fight against something you’re going to be burned out by frustration much more quickly. A fight FOR keeps us focused on WHY we do what we do – why we endure the long days. The sleepless nights. The endless emails. The rejection. A fight FOR fuels our endurance. A fight AGAINT drains it.

Does your fight need a refocus today?

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