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Tool Tuesdays – Things

There are countless task management system options out there. Desktop apps. Web apps. iPhone apps. iPad apps. And good old fashioned paper & pencil. I’ll be honest, it took me a long time to break away from the paper & pencil method. I was the queen of color coded post it notes & highlighted to do lists. But now I couldn’t imagine going back.

I finally decided I needed a system that I could pull up on my phone or my computer & it would be the same. I tried Action Method, which is a favorite of many. It was okay but didn’t wow me. Though, if I was working with team, it would probably be my first choice.

Someone recommended Things which has an iPhone app, iPad app, & desktop app. I would go into a lot of detail about here, but in short, here are 3 things I love & 3 things I’d change about Things:

3 things I Love About Things:

  1. that it is a desktop app & not web-based
  2. that it can sync across all my device
  3. that is has uber organization breakdown for people like me – areas of responsibility, projects, tasks, tags, & more. I don’t think I’ve even figured out it’s full potential just yet. 

3 things on my Things wish-list:

  1. over-the-air syncing
  2. ability to share lists with a team or clients
  3. color coding options

Things works for me. Have you found a task management system that you love?

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